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Bhalji Pedharkar

Bhalji Pendharkar Cultural Centre


  • To introduce the Indian culture through the medium of fine arts, protecting and prospering art.
  • Develop and promote the Fine Arts.
  • To Build a permanent gallery to exhibit Bhalaji Pendharkar's character and life achievements.
  • To collect, exhibit and make a museum of all the artists belonging to Kolhapur district which would reflect through their biographs, films, recordings and art pieces.
  • To carry on research projects on every medium of art.
  • To edit and publish the research projects, films and recordings released in the field of art.
  • To establish an art gallery, library and auditorium.
  • To create the interest in common man by conducting discussions, lectures, debates & workshops,
  • Training in experimental art, movies and doordarshan.
  • To produce and exhibit the experimental art.


The principle motive of a man is to discover oneself. The art and its culture helps the man to discover himself systematically. For that we should develop our personality by all means and aspects. To discover oneself, the manifestration has to be spruce and sharp and this requires a persistent effort. But one can not achieve it only by efforts or ability. To achieve it one has to struggle from the early childhood. Then only the unwanted marble is shaped In beautiful sculptor as said by Michal Angelona. Discovering oneself through the medium of art is a new creation. No! only the producer but the spectator also floats in a new dreamland. Art has an important role in building up a human being. If this culture is introduced in children at their growing age only, it would really benefit his mental and emotional growth which would prove to be a boon for his personal development.

Kolhapur Gallery

  • This gallery would hold the art of the painters, sculptures, photographs belonging to Kolhapur.
  • Photographs of literaturists,musicians, technicians, singers,instrumentalists, actresses, actorsfrom Kolhapur.
  • Photographs of important places around Kolhapur which depicts
  • Kolhapur's cultural history which would surely benefit the audience,tourists and researchers.


  • To make a list of all past andpresent artists from Kolhapur.
  • To prepare researched documentsof all the artist's life achievements,information and characters aboutthem through the thoroughresearch conducted by the centre.
  • To prepare Audio and Video tapes on their life achievements.
  • To prepare thesis or a helpresearch students or to give grants or scholarships to the researchers.
  • To collect the up-to-dateinformative dates of the artists and save it either in computerised form or to get it printed.